9 de setembro de 2008

In(visible) border

...3rd part

«Since the world out there is insecure and we cannot defuse the dangers it emanates, let us lock ourselves up and fence ourselves off its morbid impacts. Let us surround ourselves by closed-circuit television, by immigration officers on the borders, the specially trained dogs, which will put every moving person under suspicion and draw every passenger through the checks meant for criminals and terrorists. Let us buy and fix more secure locks for our doors. Let us hire more armed guards to guard the part of town where we live and keep strangers away.

These sort of things, we hope against hope, may stop the oozing insecurity we so deeply feel at the outer border of our country or local community, at the threshold of our home, and prevent it from seeping inside. It’s, I repeat, a vain hope. It won’t stop companies and jobs from vanishing. It won’t stop our savings for old age suddenly disappearing. It won’t save demands for skills from evaporating. It won’t make human bonds stronger and more reliable.»

Zygmunt Bauman
New Frontiers and Universal Values
Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona 2004

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Ricardo disse...

So many borders around us! This is just one, not so invisible...

Others, well... some are quite more subtle